Meanwhile… 5


By Gary Spencer Millidge, David Hine, Mark Stafford, Yuko Rabbit, Sarah Gordon, Alan Dunne

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Meanwhile… 5: Bigger and better than ever! 96 pages. No ads. The conclusion of Yuko Rabbit’s compelling 10 Minutes. Will Teodor finally free Judita, or is she doomed to spend her life locked in the gravity tower? Gary Spencer Millidge presents another installment of Strangehaven and a new episode of David Hine and Mark Stafford’s chilling The Bad Bad Place. First time in print: the three never-before-seen shortlisted entries from Observer/Cape/Comica graphic short story competition 2014. Plus a new series by Sarah Gordon, and so much more!

Note: if you are purchasing more than one issue of Meanwhile, it might be less expensive to buy a bundle.