Daisy Blackwood: Pilot for Hire – The Cursed Island


By Ryan Howe

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With her plane hijacked by a mysterious stranger, Daisy finds herself caught between a madman and his relentless pursuer, both jockeying for possession of the box he carries and the bizarre contents it holds.
“The love child of Disney’s TailSpin and Indiana Jones.” – Ryan Howe

2 reviews for Daisy Blackwood: Pilot for Hire – The Cursed Island

  1. spenguinpr355

    “Dragging pulp adventure firmly into the twenty first century, Ryan Howe’s no-nonsense, high flying creation is a combination of Amelia Earhart, Indiana Jones and Cliff Secord, who in The Cursed Island becomes mired in the race to destroy an other-worldly artefact whose malign influence threatens to damn all of mankind.” – Mass Movement

  2. spenguinpr355

    “Howe has mastered visual storytelling in a way most comics are unable to do in today’s market – Howe does not use any narrative captions; rather, he relies solely on the dialogue and the actual action in each panel to tell the story. And let me tell you, he does a perfect job of it! I got so caught up in the story, it wasn’t until I was re-reading it that I realized there was absolutely no exposition. To me, that tells the mark of a really great storyteller… For comic fans and adventure fans, this has it all.” – Reading Is Fun, Not Mental

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