Soaring Penguin Press donates books to Cartoon Museum

Soaring Penguin Press and artist Mark Stafford have teamed up to raise money for the Cartoon Museum. Together, they are offering up signed editions of The Bad Bad Place, together with an original A6 piece by Mark Stafford, artist on The Bad Bad Place and Artist-in-Residence at The Cartoon Museum.

After having had an expensive move at the end of 2019 to a new location, and being forced to close their doors temporarily due to the virus pandemic, London’s Cartoon Museum has no revenue stream to support existing costs. (

Says co-publisher John Anderson, “We’ve always had a fondness for The Cartoon Museum. Giving them these books is the least we can do if it helps the museum survive.”  Tim Pilcher, co-publisher added, “The Cartoon Museum provides an indispensable service in both preserving and presenting the UK’s cartooning history, as well as providing a space to support young artists.”

The Bad Bad Place Cartoon Museum Special can be purchased here:

All proceeds from the sale of every book bundle, or any other donations will be given to The Cartoon Museum.