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Publishing Accounting 101

(Originally presented on Twitter on 16 August 2020. Follow us on @spenguin.) I’ve seen a suggestion that publishers are raking it in at creators’ expense. I accept that there are some publishers who may be less than scrupulous in their publishing deals. For the majority of us, particularly smaller publishers, the accounting may come as a surprise. Generally speaking, the cover price for any given book is about 6 to 8 times the cost of…

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Sean Azzopardi on Voice of the Hall

Sean Azzopardi has been interviewed by Alex Fitch for Resonance FM. The interview, covering Sean’s book The Voice of the Hall, is part of the most recent podcast on Comics and Architecture, which can be heard here: The Voice of the Hall is available from any bookstore or from this website.

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Laura Howell on the Awesome Comics Podcast

The Beano is an institution in British Comics, and who better to talk about it than long time Beano artist Laura Howell! The Awesome Comics Podcast gang talk about her work in the Beano, how the comic has changed with the Times, their process during lockdown, comic workshops and more! Of course, we’ve known Laura for years. We published her hilarious and inventive bestseller The Bizarre Adventures of Gilbert & Sullivan Awesome Comics Podcast Episode…

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Showing your best side: the art of preparing a portfolio

Not surprisingly, I get emails from a lot of artists, introducing themselves with the hope that I might have a project for them.[1] I’m always amazed at the talent I see in my Inbox. Entirely too often, though, I despair at the portfolio presentation. Because I don’t know what they’re offering to do for me. I don’t have to tell you this (but I’m going to anyway): comic art is pencilling, inking, lettering and colouring.…

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